Welcome to the nerdy yet sociable TT department! We are the academic core of CDS, responsible for the intellectual content of the entire year, of which is composed of 3 main parts:

     1. China Summit

     2. China Talk

     3. Key Speaker Series

Every individual has their own areas of interest and fields of expertise. These could include Chinese culture, economic policy, or even its technological innovations. Every ambitious and driven student should explore and engage in discussions to find the particular area that most interests them.

Our Events

Founded in 2014, the Warwick China Summit (WCS) is a student-run annual conference by Warwick China Development Society, aspires to bring together leading experts in the China studies and professionals across UK universities to intellectually-stimulating discussions on the largest emerging country in the world. This year, we are expecting to host 10 guest speakers, including


Mr. Sunan Jiang, Minister Counsellor for Science & Technology at Chinese Embassy

Professor Athar Hussain, the Director of the Asia Research Centre at LSE

Mr. Stewart Ferguson, Head of Research at China-Britain Business Council

Professor Kyle Jaros, Associate Professor in Political Economy of China at University of Oxford



2019 Warwick China Summit, ‘The Great Revival’, aims to inspire a series of vibrant discussions revolving around China’s phenomenal rise as a global power and its shifting political, economic, technological and social landscapes.


The Summit consists of 5 topics including 1 panel, namely:

1. China, Liberal Teleology and the New Cold War

2. Doing Business in China: Opportunities and Challenges for International Business

3. What Does the Future Hold for China’s Tech Ambition and Embracing Innovation?

4. Panel: An Urbanised China: Of whom, By whom and For whom?

5. Chinese Philosophy and the Problems of Modernity

If you are interested in any of these questions, you've come to the right place! Do not hesitate, buy your ticket now! We look forward to seeing you on the Summit. 

Key Speaker Series

October 27, 2017

  • A series of lectures by renowned experts and scholars;

  • Topics from global affairs to humanities, history, philosophy and art;

  • Expand your horizons and challenge your perspective;

  • The opportunity to learn is there, it’s up to you to take it!​

Our former Topics:​

  1. The decline of Chinese philosophy in the West

  2. LGBT Rights in China

  3. The effect of the Middle-east Islamic groups on Muslim communities in China.

China Talk

  • In class or while doing readings, have you ever come across an intriguing question or topic that you’ve wanted to explore further?

  • Do you specialize in China's foreign politics, economics, culture and history?

  • Do you want to work on your spoken English ability, especially in front of an audience?

  • Do you ever seek enriching debate and discussion with your peers?

Presentation Format:

In one hour we host 3 talks, each of which is 20 minutes (10min speech+10min free discussion)


There is no limit to your chosen topic, as long as it is related to China. We are always available to help with your speech!


Free feel to contact the Team via our facebook page!

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