Project Management serves as a platform for everyone who is interested in Chinese culture to interact and mingle with people shared same interest. Dedicated to introduce Chinese culture and to help Chinese students to settle well into the international and inclusive university life at Warwick. Project Management operates five events: Oriental Ball, Mandarin Exchange, Warwick Life channel, "Chinese Food with CDS" food channel and "Intro of 24 solar terms and Chinese traditional festivals" channel.



Mandarin Exchange

We hold mandarin exchange every year, in which our versatile coordinators provide teaching sessions for non-Chinese students and teachers who are interested in Chinese culture, including Mandarin teaching, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese poems. Being a beginner of mandarin? Don't worry! We have teaching contents that are specially designed for learners with no foundation! So come and join us!


Oriental Ball

Every year, the Oriental Ball provides students a chance to have a wonderful experience and make more friends. There will be not only the red carpet and fantastic performances, but also professional photographers on scene to record every unforgettable moment. After dinner, popular DJ show will be ready, and we will also prepare a spectacular firework display in the end.


“Chinese Food with CDS” Food Channel

China is a country with profound food culture, and Food Channel aims to introduce this culture to the foreigners. In this channel, we will update some particular dish regularly based on different cuisine such as Sichuan cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, Beijing cuisine, etc. We will provide pictures and videos for dishes, with a brief introduction of them. Sometimes, we may also include cooking recipes for those who would like to try it so that they could make it themselves.


Warwick Life

The channel of Warwick Life gives a comprehensive introduction about the life in Warwick. It is separated into six sections, including campus map& surrounding traffic, campus facilities, food on campus, shopping, entertainment, and view around campus. This channel can be a useful tool for the freshers, and even for those who are going to apply Warwick, as it gives them a better understanding of life in Warwick. The Chinese version of these articles are updated on the WeChat official account of CDS, and the English version of these are updated on Instagram and Facebook.


逢时遇节 Intro of 24 solar terms and Chinese traditional festivals

In this channel, 24 solar terms and Chinese traditional festivals will be introduced in the form of articles. In China, almost everyone celebrates traditional festivals, and 24 solar terms reflect the seasonal change in nature. In addition to illustrating the origin and customs of each solar term and festival, each of our writers will add their understanding about the particular solar term or the festival into the article, such as the books and movies they want to recommend, and the pictures of the Warwick campus on that day. Same as the Warwick Life channel, the Chinese version of these articles are updated on the WeChat official account of CDS, and the English version of these are updated on Instagram and Facebook.


Social Events

As part of the university experience, society is a great place to meet new friends and make your connections, CDS is no exception. We hope to embrace your beats and moves as well as academic knowledge. Ranging from chill night-ins to great night-outs, we will also provide board games and delicious food in our social events. So join us and have fun!